Much like its namesake, this blend is extra dark and is in fact our darkest coffee. Flame roasted well beyond it’s second crack to bring about the complex dark flavour, heavy tasting notes and a highly-caffeinated punch to the face.


Much in the same way as Nirvana’s progressive power chords with its blues like guitar melodies - this brew, consisting of 100% high-grade Indian Robusta - packs a high energy caffeine punch, with heavy notes of smoky toffee and liquorice. Imagine Nirvana Live, in their pomp… this blend is not for the faint hearted. 


Tasting Notes: liquorice, burnt toffee, smoky

Roast: Extra Dark

Recommended Brew Methods: French Press, Stovetop


What’s not to love? Smooth, dark, and joyous tones of hazelnut and demerara - tied together by a subtle smokiness. This exceptional blend is already a firm fans favourite, much like its namesake, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Stevie? The blend is chosen for optimal flavour, depth and strength - its draws origins in Brazil, Guatemala and high grade Indian Robusta. Perfect to sit and enjoy at any time, any place - but particularly listening to your favourite vinyl. Carefully flame roasted dark, leaving a lingering depth and strength - with the Indian Robusta providing the perky energy and the South America beans complimenting it perfectly with smooth milk chocolate and hazelnut. Perfect for an espresso or filter, this blend retains its flavour and strength even when blended with steamed milk.


Blend Components: Brazil, Guatemala, India 

Roast Level: Viennese/Dark Flame Roast

Tasting Notes: hazelnut, demerara, smoky

Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso, French Press, Stovetop

Coffee Break

Smooth, mellow, complex and sexy… am I talking about the artist or this coffee blend? Lightly flame roasted, this blend of high grade Brazilian, El Salvador and Ethiopian beans showcase a flavour as smooth and complex as the man himself. Its roast level is a light flame to bring out its rich, milk chocolate depth and aromatic citrus notes. A simply amazing blend, light, tasty and easy to drink.


Blend Components: Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia  

Tasting Notes: milk chocolate, citrus, bergamot 

Roast: light flame roast/half city

Recommended Brew Methods: Espresso, Filter, French Press