ū:who brings together your favourite cup of coffee and your favourite song. It’s an afternoon spent by the window listening to old records. It’s a circle of friends wasting time before the concert that evening. It’s trading clothes and books with a friend just because it’s Saturday. 

ū:who weaves our passions into a single tapestry: coffee, music, interior design and fashion. The ū:who lifestyle.


We’ve collected a wide range of interesting discussion, visual inspiration and must hear tracks into a single online community. We aren’t making a hub to boost productivity or stay up to date with the latest social media drama. ū:who is the place to go when you need to take off your shoes and take out the french press.


We’ve put to good use all those hours we spent drinking great cups of coffee and listening to great music. They said we were wasting time, but now we’re sharing our discoveries with you and everyone else who know that time spent with the good stuff is never wasted time.


Check out our coffees and buy some today for your next slow morning reading, lazy afternoon conversation, and late night conspiracy.

Record Playing

Our coffee blends bear the names of musicians and artists that match the flavour profile of the beans. The senses bring out the best memories — the smell of the java they served on your trip to the ocean, the song you had on repeat when you fell in love with you-know-who. We want to bring all those together and serve it in a cup.


We first conceived of ū:who in late 2019, and we made it a reality in 2020. We’ve sourced coffee suppliers with hundreds of years of experience to provide you the best beans — grown, harvested and roasted with care and expertise, all combined with the best music.


We made ū:who because the good life is only as good as the community you share it with. Coffee, music, interior design and fashion are passions to enjoy together by sharing what we love. And the ū:who lifestyle knows that sharing is, after all, a way to take care of ourselves and others. That’s why every quarter we will donate 10% of all profits to a charity selected especially by our customers.


So let’s bring on the good stuff and spread it around. That’s theū:who lifestyle.


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